There are so many intelligent, thoughtful, forward-thinking educators blogging about education.  Mostly, I think, they are trying to make sense of where things are heading.  At least that’s what I’m doing.

Here are some of the folks that I read often.  Together they help me focus my thoughts.

Chris Kennedy | Culture of Yes
No educational blogger list would be complete without Chris.  He’s young.  He’s digitally connected.  He’s a Superintendent in BC.  And he’s got plenty of accolades, including the award for Top Education Blogger in 2012.  Mostly I like that Chris questions why we do things the way we always have.

Chris Wejr | The Wejr Board
This Chris is an elementary school Principal in BC.  He blogs about the present and the future of education.  He questions our daily practice and the messages we are sending to our students.  He looks ahead and thinks about educational change.

Cale Birk | The Learning Nation
Cale is a high school Principal in BC.  I like to read Cale’s blog because he’s often wrestling with the same ideas I was as a school-based Principal.

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