Motivation Doesn’t Come From Focussing on Grades

Kids need to dream big dreams in order to grow and learn.  “A” just doesn’t seem quite big enough to me.  What does “A” really mean?  I think it means you remembered a lot.  I don’t think it necessarily means you grew and learned.

Research into “growth mindset” can help us understand some ways we can raise kids to be hardy, resilient, and persistent. It’s good for human brains!


Creativity and Ken Robinson

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.”
~Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson is likely best known for a talk I heard at an education conference several years ago.  It has since been featured as a TED talk….  How Schools Kill Creativity.  Have a watch….

Since then, schools have been working hard to figure things out.  I am heartened by some of the stories I hear from schools around BC and all over the world.  The heart of it all?  Listen to the learner and guide their passion.  Take their lead.  They will create something special.

Talking with the Ministry of Education

I am currently working as the Principal of Special Projects for the Gulf Islands School District in British Columbia.  This is a new position for me – and I’m creating it as I go.  I thought I’d share with you some posts about where I come from.

Enjoy this video, made when I, as Principal of Gulf Islands Secondary,  took students to the Ministry of Education to talk about innovation and the future of learning.  We enjoyed a close connection with the Ministry with frequent visits and conversations.